Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cafe Cancan, Toronto

To begin, the decor at Chef Victor Barry's new resto, (which I rarely discuss (one can't eat atmosphere), is delightfully light, brightly coloured, casual and very comfortable. Happily, the noise level is quite modest.

Smoked oysters with potato and chives. A good beginning.

Ce et Cette, a "salad" of fresh fennel, snap peas, cooked asparagus, shaved carrots, radish, anchovies, ham, cold soft boiled egg, cheese and a buttermilk dip. What a refreshing beginning!

Smoked sturgeon rillette accompanied together with a nicely crispy flatbread with onions, parsley, and chili. 

A perfectly cooked (med rare on the rare side) rainbow trout for one, topped with freshly snipped sorrel and accompanied by a very good cucumber beurre blanc. 

Asparagus with roasted hazelnuts. 

The well done (as asked for) french fries were accompanied by a mayo remoulade. Although the remoulade was fine, I preferred dipping in the delicious beurre blanc that accompanied the fish. Although the fries were crispy and very tasty, they were a bit too oily. 

Paris mushrooms. 

Barry's burger, a combination of two medium done burgers topped with mayo remoulade, red onion, pickles and cheddar cheese (thankfully, just a thin layer). A very satisfying burger. 

Northern spy apple tart for 2 (must be ordered in advance), with vanilla and ginger. Very good!

A very good, rich chocolate, salted caramel tart flavoured with chili, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.

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