Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Lunch: Gourmet Burger Co.

Posted by Jennifer

Another day, another burger. What is one to do when Aussie-inspired (the owner is an Australian ex-pat) Gourmet Burger Co. has just opened on Charles Street?
The company is famous for its toppings which, due to its down under connection include fried eggs, beets, and pineapple. Thinking, as I do, that pineapple belongs on a burger about as much as it does on a pizza -- NOT -- we stick to the basics on our two beef and one lamb burger.

Despite the fact that both the lamb and the 30-day-aged Canadian beef burgers are too well-done for our taste, they do retain lots of flavour. The balsamic caramelized onions, which one of the beef eaters has chosen are an excellent complement. Though rather ordinary, the bun holds together without oozing juices down our fronts.

A side of sweet potato fries has steamed a little in its box on the trip from restaurant to store, but they are otherwise perfect. Often sweet potato fries are cooked until bitter. These were retrieved from the fryer before “caramelized” became “burnt”.

As at Craft Burger, the service is friendly but when it comes to the burger, Craft still has the edge.

Cost for three burgers with two bottles of water was $26.40.

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