Monday, April 12, 2010


Dolfin Chocolat Noir 70% Cacao

Some chocolate bars make a first great impression whether from an intense whiff of cocoa as the wrapper is removed, or from the flavor on the first bite. Belgian - made Dolfin offered little initial impact.

However, just as the chocolate slides down the throat, floral and fruity - epsecially orange - flavours burst forth.
Although it is a 70% cocoa bar, it seems less bitter than some other dark chcolates. While the snap is consistent with a high-end product the interior is rather rough and pale, the exterior not so shiny.

With its subtlety, we would not use Dolfin in baking. It would, however, be perfect dessert chocolate, a companion for tea, coffee, brandy or a fortified wine at the end of a meal.
Price: $5.95 at Dinah's Cupboard

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