Friday, April 9, 2010

Toronto, Brunch at the Black Hoof Cafe, A New Fave!

The Black Hoof Cafe is a recent endeavour by the Black Hoof Restaurant's co-owners chef Grant van Gameren and Jenn Agg.
When I arrived, I immediately glanced at the menu written on the blackboard and knew that I was in my own food heaven. Hearty food for the serious trencherman. I was here for the morning brunch served after 10am from Thursday to Monday.

I began with a fried egg with a seasonally fresh spring leak, the stem grilled and the raw leaves placed under the egg. Two thin slices of ham were on the side with some honey mustard and toasts.

Next, richly flavoured pig tail meat and grits (polenta) were served with a poached egg, thin crisps of dehydrated, deep fried corn meal wafer, some grilled scallion and all doused with a mildy spicy "hot sauce". A terrific dish on it's own.

Now, one of my 2 favourites at the Cafe, suckling pig benny. This was eggs benedict  with crackling, a poached egg placed on the fabulously tasty pulled suckling pig, on a cheddar biscuit and all covered with a well made complementary hollandaise sauce. Young arugula leaves doused with a vinaigrette were on the side and worked well between bights to help clear the palate between rich bights of egg, pig and hollandaise. 

Then, we were served one side of a split long marrow bone with some large crystal salt on the side. This presentation made it very easy to scoop out the delicious marrow and mound it on our provided toast.

And last....I know, I do go on....but, the selections were so appetizing to my brunch date and could we resist ordering more?? So we devoured the other of my 2 favourite dishes at the Cafe, the exceptional blood sausage served with pancakes, ground walnuts, a date /honey reduction, a scattering of house made ricotta cheese and dates. What an amazing combination of textures and tastes. The cheese went surprisingly well with the blood sausage. In my opinion, this blood sausage, along with chef David Lee's, at Note Bene, are the best blood sausages served at any restaurant in Toronto! A rich complex flavour and creamy texture.

Hopefully, when you go, there will not be a line up as there are no reservations taken...but, the meal is well worth the wait!!

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