Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bestellen, Again: The Suckling Pig!

There are extremely few restos in Toronto that will do a suckling pig if ordered in advance. Bestellen is a welcome participant in this ritual.

Arancini. Lemon zest adds a lovely fragrant flavour to the accompanying lemony preserved lemon and anchovy alioli. The texture and flavour of the arancini (fried rice ball) were very good,            crispy on the outside and creamy inside. (no photo)

"Scotch Egg", an egg buried in cooked sausage, 
a very good example of this British classic.

The excellent house hamburger (medium rare!!), for me, one of 
the 3 best burgers in Toronto.

Caesar salad.

The suckling pig prior to carving.

The suckling pig after carving. This was a juicy properly cooked pig. The sauce was pork liquid combined with a white wine 

The sides:

Purple cabbage cole slaw.

Green bean radish salad.

Potatoes with smoked lardons. This side was wonderful!

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