Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stack BBQ, Toronto

Another new BBQ resto that does bbq and other dishes. But, I was here to test the BBQ. Below, a platter we selected of baby back ribs, chipotle pulled pork, the stack sliced brisket, bbq beans, sliced montreal style smoked meat, mac and cheese and fresh cut fries. I don't eat mac and cheese so no comment there, and besides, I was here for BBQ! The ribs were very tasty but fell off the bone far too easily and were a bit overcooked. The Montreal style smoked meat was very good, but not as good as Caplansky's... the next best thing. The Montreal style smoked meat would be good in a sandwich, but better served at a deli.  The bbq beans had very good texture and favour, enriched by smoke and molasses. The pulled pork was good as was the brisket. Both had a nice smokey flavour and good texture. I liked the rich flavoured viscous bbq sauce. This is good bbq, but not "great" bbq.....but "great" bbq is truly rare north of the 49th parallel.

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