Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leslieville Pumps BBQ, Toronto

What convenience! Get gas, easy parking and good grub available night and day: BBQ during the day and later, at night, Indian food. I was there for the BBQ.

A very good corn muffin, one of the best I have enjoyed anywhere. Good corn flavour, crispy at the edges, soft interior, with a very pleasing coarse texture.

BBQ corn salad with a nice Asian style dressing. Good flavours, but, seasonal corn would have been better tasting and sweeter (I am still catching up as I was here early july).

Very good corn fritters, with a crunchy skin.

A standout experience for this city. Fried, breaded pickles. Could not stop eating these, crispy on the outside, crunchy, sour interior and the sour pickle flavour makes for an interesting and appealing contrast. Guaranteed, you wont be able to eat just one!

Very good house made BBQ baked beans with a very thick, consistency. The rich, smokey flavour helps to set these beans apart and was a major attraction for me.

Slow hickory smoked (14 hours) in an Oklahoma smoker, pulled pork, house made bbq sauce and cole slaw. A good sandwich, but, I would have preferred a slightly stronger smoky flavour. Making meat absorb the smoke and then, after cooking, keeping the smoky flavour, is part of the trick.

Hickory smoked chicken thighs with grilled tomato, arugula and sweet chilli aioli. A very tasty sandwich overall with nice complementary flavours. This was my favourite sandwich.

Slow hickory smoked (14 hour) beef brisket with house made bbq sauce, grainy mustard and crispy fried onions. Again, I would have preferred a slightly stronger smoky flavour, but it was a good sandwich.

My only reflection was that the flavour of the bbq sauce, although it had a lot of interesting ingredients, although ok, just did not appeal to me.

929 Queen St. East,(at Carlaw) Toronto


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