Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kinton Ramen

Kinoton Ramen offers pork bone soup stock in 3 concentrations: light; medium and rich. I tasted the mild broth, which had nice flavour but was a bit too light and frankly, uninteresting for me. But, the "rich" broth was an amazing experience and closely resembled my North American gold standard, Ippudo, in New York City.....maybe even better! The broth is reputed to have a tonkatsu base made with chicken and pork bones with a small amount of fish and vegetable broths added later.

I ordered the Pork shoulder (belly was also offered). The tender shoulder had rich flavour. I ordered the miso ramen with garlic oil, with pork shoulder, rich broth and added extras such as fresh grated garlic, soybean paste, bean sprouts, scallions and wakame seaweed. What a feast! I ate the whole thing and the wait staff came around and wanted to take my photo with the empty bowl!

I also ordered karaage, fried chicken (mild) which arrived wonderfully crispy, perfectly cooked with a bit of a bight and was sided with a kewpie mayo blended with seaweed and was slightly tart.

No reservations at this highly popular spot, so come early or, be prepared to give your name and go for a 1/2 to 1 hour walk, depending on how many names are before yours. Well worth the wait!!

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