Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Langdon Hall: An Extraordinary Fall Special Dinner event

I have to say, that although I have had enjoyable meals at Langdon hall, the 2 special occasion dinners that chef Jonathan Gushue created for me, with a few friends, over the last 14 months, have been the finest meal experiences that I have enjoyed in Canada, a large range of symphonic flavours. Call chef Gushue and ask him to create an event like this and he will rise to the challenge and provide you with the most remarkable experience. Be prepared to spend the entire evening and be prepared for wonderful, novel flavour surprises.

Parsnip chips and dip. Parsnip puree topped with foraged mushroom powder.

Crisped arctic char skin, rasped duck gizzard on seaweed aioli.

Lardo and lettuce.

Wakame chips, maple and sunflower seeds.

Foie gras and coco nibs.

Deviled pig's skin dusted with dried chili powder and toasted nori powder with smoked whitefish roe topped with chopped chives.

Black bread and trout. The black bread is bread made with vegetable ash. The puree is cured lake trout puree, trout bonito, espelette, dulse and chives.

Oyster with cabbage and sorrel.

Digby scallop in a shallot dressing, dogwood berry juice, cold pressed canola oil and chickweed.

Pickerel cured in fermented carrot juice with toasted sunflower salt and celery root.

Veal tartar, soused clam and fennel tops with clam aioli, arugula oil and rose petals.

Albacore tuna, leek ash, dill, and green cherry tomato.

Leek oil and cream added to tuna.

Salted and poached cod tongues with rouge pumpkin, amaranth.

Salt cod  and pumpkin broth with chopped chives added to the cod tongues.

Roasted black and white salsify and salsify puree with wild sturgeon caviar, chickweed, chips and mustard oil.

Foraged mushroom crumble, golden yolk potato and preserved grape tomato.

Coddled duck’s egg, confit duck hearts, sea urchin crumble and garlic flower.

Braised squid, veal tendon, burnt seeds, dried onion, caplin and garlic nage, all topped with crisp kale.

Pigeon, salted berries and hay sauce.

Lamb liver, milk cap mushrooms, mushroom oil and amaranth.

Smoked pig's tongue with char-grilled cabbage, mussel creme fraiche and garlic mustard greens.

Comte cheese, honeycomb, chanterelle and turnip.

Tasting of birch: birch meringue and birch sorbet with caramelized pears in ale.

Chocolate and beet.

Celery and seabuckthorn mead, a wonderful refreshing finish to a grand meal.

Mignardises: plum jellies and chocolate macaroons "Michel Cluizel".

One would be hard pressed to enjoy many meals better than this.

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