Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chef Michael Caballo, Edulis, Toronto

Edulis is one of Canada's very good restos, a resto that keeps bringing me back. Wonderful comfort food flavours, simple but intriguing twists on prime, elemental ingredients, with echos of some of the very best of Spanish rural, regional influences. The resultant dishes are cooked to perfection. Where else, for example, could I enjoy better herring. Now, for many who read that, they may say, "so"? But it is indeed, with such simple endeavours, that chef Michael Caballo excels. Two other exceedingly simple dishes executed to perfection, his arroz caldoso con bogavante (Spanish lobster rice) and chantecler chicken baked in hay. Keep in mind that some dishes must be ordered in advance and that the menu changes depend on the products that inspire the chef.

Another reason to enjoy Edulis is the  leisurely Sunday brunch, a glorious unfolding of simple country flavours at a ludicrously reasonable fixed price with wines at half price.

Chef Michael Caballo carving his chantecler chicken baked in hay.

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