Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Edulis Restaurant, Once more: a Wonderful Gustatory Experience

I have written about my Edulis Experiences, more than once. And here I am writing about my experience again. But, each experience has proven to be so pleasing and so special, I feel obliged to give credit where such credit is due and to share my pleasure with those who might soon come to enjoy this restaurant. See for yourself. NB, Some of these dishes must be pre-ordered a week ahead.

A pre-order, that appears on the menu, from time to time. For me one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. Lobster with rice, assigned a Spanish name on the menu (arroz caldoso con bogavante). You will get a rice dish with chunks of perfectly cooked lobster, flavoured with an exceptionally intense lobster reduction/broth, which I find quite addictive.

"Celerisotto", cooked in the style of risotto, diced celery root with bone marrow and truffles. A creative dish with an amazing range of gratifying flavours.

Cuttlefish a la plancha with ajo blanco (a pureed soup of almonds laced with garlic) accompanied by pickled onion jelly and topped with sliced roasted almonds. Almonds, in this pureed rendition, gave flavourful structure to this soup. It is brilliant cuisine element that can be used to enhance other dishes if you love to cook.

Roasted veal sweetbreads with wild mushrooms and bay leaves, topped with shaved zucchini and heirloom carrot. Few chefs, from my experience, work so well with sweetbreads, other than chef Chris Macdonald.

Goat cooked in apple cider with smoked apple stuffing, accompanied by cider soaked prunes and cloves of roasted garlic. Perhaps the best goat dish I have ever enjoyed (or at least remember), not just because of the flavours, but because the goat was so sublimely, melt-in-your-mouth tender.

The signature dessert of Edulis, its baba au rum. The simple sweet cake is laced with a slightly salty flavoured rum, a liquid gold. At virtually every meal I enjoy here with friends, despite the complaint, "I'm so full", everyone tastes this dish, and finishes it!

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