Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friday Lunch at Pizzeria Via Mercanti

Just when we thought we had had it with pizza, we decided to give Pizzeria Via Mercanti a try. Let's just say, pizza has us back in its grip again.

The pizza makers left Queen Margherita in Leslieville to open Pizzeria Via Mercanti in Kensington Market.  Thin on the bottom, but thick enough to provide some chew on the rim, this is excellent crust. Some people probably think the rim should be crisper but we disagree.  Thin though the bottom is, there is enough body to provide a sturdy foundation for the fillings.  There is some char but not so much that you feel you have bitten into a chunk of charcoal. Not only does it have good texture, this is a flavorful crust.

For those who are suffering tomato sauce burnout, the broccoli e salsiccia pizza, topped with fior di latte, sausage, and rapini,  offers welcome relief  plus bitterness to cut the richness of the cheese and sausage. The latter, by the way,serves up a good hit of fennel.

The Margharita is simplicity itself--basil, cheese, and one of the best tomato sauces we have sampled lately. A tomato sauce simmered up in the middle of tomato season could not taste fresher.

Two pies were more than enough for two people. Fortunately, the leftovers were just as delicious cold as they were hot!

Price: $29.38

Location: 188 Augusta Avenue

Phone: 647-343-6647

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