Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Carmen, Toronto

Carmen, is Veronica Laudes's new oevre after her success with the thriving Torito. The executive chef, as at Torito, is Luis Valenzuela.

House made sardines, in a can, in a sauce of roasted tomatoes and olive oil.

Jicama shells filled with a mildly spicy, creamy avocado.

Crispy, fried green tomato disks, in layers with feta cheese, roasted red pepper and corn chutney.

Pan con tomate, crispy bread rubbed with fresh tomato spread and topped with fresh basil.

Tortilla, a traditional Spanish omelette. The tortilla is ok, but does not match my gold standards experienced in several tapas bars in Barcelona and San Sebastian.

Patatas bravas, roasted potatoes with brava sauce and aioli.

Fried artichoke, maldon sea salt and aioli.

Shishito peppers with tomato sauce.

Catalan pork sausage with white beans and Pedro Ximenez sherry sauce.

Blood sausage with chickpeas, apple, chopped carrot and fried egg. A very good blood sausage, I must say. Loved this dish.

The piece de resistance, paella montana tempranillo with snails, artichokes and rabbit. This rich tasting rice dish was perfectly cooked with a lovely soccarat on the bottom.

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