Thursday, June 27, 2013

To Market, To Market Withrow Park, June 15

We apologize we are a bit behind on our To Market, To Market blog postings, but do read on......

All dogs, all the time at Withrow Park on this Saturday morning.  There were also more people than usual because of a giant neighbourhood yard sale going on in another part of the park.

This was not a good day for produce.  There was lots of lettuce and scallions but no strawberries or rhubarb. Cookstown Greens had bags of carrots of different colours and of a variety of potatoes.
Haystrom Farm had colorful preserves, many featuring their heirloom tomatoes in sauces, jams, and soups.

Withrow is a great place to replenish your supply of protein-dense foods. Both Field Sparrow Farm and Weber's offer meats from pastured pigs and beef as well as poultry.  Hooked had a fine selection of fish and fish products. There was also the opportunity to indulge in the pretty eggs from Murray Thunberg's heritage breed hens.

For those with a sweet tooth, Danbrie Farm had maple syrup.  Another stall has site-specific honey-from Toronto Island, the roof of New College at University of Toronto, and Georgina Island.

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