Friday, June 28, 2013

The Saint Tavern, Toronto

The Saint Tavern is brought to you by the group that owns the steakhouse Jacob and Co and Buca. The restaurant has a very good chef but the kitchen is overseen by the Buca exec chef with very good taste and impeccable technique, Rob Gentile.

My partner ordered a peameal bacon, tomato and cheese sandwich. Removing the cheese (I have never like the combination of cheese and meet, ie, cheeseburgers, etc, as from my perspective, the cheese takes away the flavour of the beef/pork), this was a very good sandwich (and my partner loved the cheese bacon tomato combo).

Very good fried chicken (thighs) on top of collards, with chopped bacon, lardo, pickled apple and pickled shallots (very flavourful) all accompanied by very good pork sausage gravy and cheese grits. This is a very good dish over all. Crispy skin chicken and the batter was not greasy.

A very good burger, of chuck, brisket and sirloin (I requested no cheese), ordered med rare and perfectly cooked with very good texture, all presented on a potato, buttermilk, house made bun. Good fries too. 

A bight of the burger.

A side of asparagus with goat cheese, roasted peppers and hollandaise sauce.

Superb crispy skinned cheddar and chive biscuits paired well with a tasty sausage gravy for dipping. The various mustards shown to the right were for the sausage dish, below.

Classic English banger and merguez sausage laced with cumin, topped with onion rings all on a maple dijon glaze and champ mashed potatoes. Good sausages and tasty mash but the onion ring breading was a bit too heavy and not crispy enough.

Tasty pecan pie with a good crunchy crust. 

This is a restaurant to go to for very good comfort food in a congenial atmosphere.

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