Saturday, July 27, 2013

Porzia, Toronto

House made sourdough bread (no image).

Crostini with house made cotechino sausage and rapini. A delicious app.

Cavallo (horse meat shoulder, cooked sous vide) tonnato. Good concept, but for me, this dish did not quite work. Perhaps if the horse meat had been more rare or less time in the bag sous vide?

Tagliatelle with prawns, chili oil and lemon. Perfectly done pasta with perfect texture. The taste, which I could barely get, was lost for me because of the heavy use of the chili oil. For me, this kind of heat kills my palate. A shame because this dish had potential.

Polpetta ragu made from chuck, brisket, bread crumbs, fresh pepper and pecorino cheese. Very good meatballs, good texture and taste with a nicely reduced, rich tomato sauce.

Eggplant involtini with roasted garlic, fried and rolled eggplant topped with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. A very tasty dish.

Marrow bone roasted in veal stock with snails and topped with gremolata. The bone marrow was perfectly cooked but the snails a bit hard and overcooked. Good concept, but, this dish requires very plump snails that have been cooked a pointe.

Trippa alla Romana with fried egg, pecorino cheese, chick peas and chili oil. Again, a good concept dish with potential which kind of tasted good, but, a bit too heavy on the chili oil, so the flavours were lost to my palate.

Cassata with rhubarb and pine nuts (no photo). A pleasant dessert but now wow for me.

Zeppole, deep fried chocolate with eggplant and caramelized white chocolate. Interesting idea that did not work for me.

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