Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stock Restaurant at the Trump Hotel, Revisited

I had visited Stock restaurant when it first opened. This was a return visit to see how it was faring. Interestingly, a chocolate tasting cart with various bars and variously filled bon bons, was added. This visit, the service was impeccable. The wines by the glass were still very pricey.

A very tasty sweet Ontario corn chowder with bits of house smoked chorizo, sliced jalapeno and scallions. 

Their version of caesar salad: very fresh, crispy cold lettuce (how i prefer it) but the sauce hardly represented my caesar expectations and was far too cheesy.

Rib eye steak, much lauded: "All our beef is hand selected from our butcher and is USDA regulated. Once run by the Amish, this federally inspected farm is located at the foot hills Pennsylvania where the cattle roam.", was frankly disappointing. Now, I am not saying that this was a bad steak. However, it was my feeling that this steak was wet sealed in a bag and not dry aged. Also, it was my impression that the steak was USDA choice, not prime, which I believe it should be at this restaurant as food expectations are high. The beef arrived rare as requested. Using the "Beef Boys" rating system, I rated the beef 5/5/6 (out of 10) for taste/texture/juiciness. Although the texture was only rated 5, the steak was still relatively tender. Unfortunately, wet aged beef does not taste good to me. I suspect that the texture was affected by the way the beef had been stored. This steak was not dry, but juicy, however, the juiciness was watery. Dry aged beef does not have that watery characteristic. I strongly suggest to the owners who seem to be trying their best to please, that they consider buying their steak locally from either Cumbrae's or Olliffe's and request their version of "prime" marbled beef to be dry aged at least 6 weeks. USDA prime would be better beef than what I tasted, if i was correct that the beef I ate was USDA choice. But, the USDA prime beef that we tend to have available in Toronto is wet stored (shrink wrapped beef does not "age" in a bag).

I had the brussel sprouts with pork belly and cipollini onions last time. They were terrific last time and they did not disappoint this time.

Yukon gold frites were just ok, as they lacked good flavour and crispyness. They were accompanied by truffle oil flavoured aioli. On the same plate was the chimichurri sauce I ordered to accompany the steak, if I wished.

I was not inspired to eat dessert so decided to focus on the chocolate wagon. Too many items were "milk" or low % chocolate versions for me as i much prefer dark greater than 70%. I tried the dark chocolate almond bark, which was good.

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