Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rashers, Toronto

Speaking of bacon sandwiches, Rashers claims to be North America's only bacon sandwich shop. The sandwiches, as "listed" on the menu, typically include cheese. I just don't like the taste of cheese and meat, as you often hear me say, cheese obscures the flavours of meat.

This was a great sandwich in every respect and my best experience there. First, the bun was perfect, toasted, with a very crunchy crust, and then there was the filling of the wonderful, very tasty, cider glazed, wild boar bacon topped with apple chutney.

BBQ bacon rashers with cole slaw and BBQ sauce. Another hit!

The  Hogtown sandwich with peameal bacon and home made "brown sauce". Frankly, my least favourite, but ok.

Apple and maple glazed smoked bacon sandwich, with apple chutney on white bread. A very tasty sandwich indeed. perhaps I should have gone with cheese on this one. It might have been a good addition.

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