Monday, November 25, 2013

Parts and Labour, Toronto

This resto is chef Matty Matheson's pride and joy. His passion for flavours and textures is infectious and inspiring when one eats here.

Fried sticky pig's tail with jalapeno, coriander, thinly sliced radish and hoisin sauce. Pig's tail, like eating beef tendon, is more of a textural than taste experience. I find the gelatinous texture most appealing, which is why chef Matty's take on this dish makes it an experience of both flattering tastes and textures.

Grilled beef tongue in a mirepoix broth with carrot and onion. Good concept but the execution did not work because the chef who cooked the tongue, whether intentionally or not, burned the surface where the grill marks were located, which both gave a bitter flavour to the broth and tongue as well as toughening up the tongue which is normally so tender when cooked properly.

Roasted bone marrow topped with snails and beef tendon (a great toothsome's all about textures) with with date, horseradish, a perfect and incredible sauce reduction, all topped with various herbs and sided with grilled toast. This may have been the very best roasted bone marrow experience that I have ever enjoyed, anywhere!!

Judged "best burger in Toronto" on Burger Wars, This burger normally is topped with Monterey jack cheese. It's not my kind of combo so I skipped the cheese. This is a 7 oz burger made of chuck that is freshly ground daily, and is grilled and topped with lettuce, bacon, mayo, house made bacon/onion jam (The original idea for this great burger topping bacon/onion jam, was The Skillet Diner in Seattle. This great ingredient can be ordered direct, on line). The combination is placed on a toasted milk bun. The accompanying fries were very good.

The burger was perfectly cooked, as ordered, medium rare, and was a very good burger.

A remarkable good roasted apple dessert, all caramelized, with vanilla ice cream, carmel sauce and blackberries. This was a dessert too good to pass, and regrettably, is not normally on the menu. This was my fave.

The Parts and labour, County Festival "super donut": fresh cinnamon and sugar coated donut, with ice cream, whipped cream, cookie crumbs and crushed meringue and strawberry preserves. The rest, like this best.

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