Friday, November 15, 2013

Vancouver: Wildebeest and Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle.

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle

All noodles are made in house in the traditional way.

Spicy Beef tendons.

A delicious "champion" brisket with flat noodle soup. The brisket was amazingly tender and flavourful.

"Award winning" beef shank, tendon and tripe with bock choy and rice noodles.

Chives, chopped pork and shrimp dumplings in soup. We all loved the flavours of this dish.

Steamed pork soup dumplings. Eat these all at once or bight down and get soup all over.

Delicious fried chives pancakes.


Dishes are brought to the table and eaten family style (meant to be shared).

Crispy pork schnitzel with spiced beer mustard, and each piece was delectably crispy.

Lamb tartar with pickled onions, horseradish emulsion and a mustard seed gastrique.

 Roasted bone marrow with toasts and parsley sauce.

Great, hay aged, smoked quail, cooked rare with the perfect complement of fermented wild berry honey accompanied by a small dish of salt and pepper. We were requested to dip the quail in the salt and pepper and then dip it in the honey. Just marvellous!

Milk poached veal neck with smoked ricotta cheese, kabocha squash and toasted pumpkin seeds. The sweetness of the squash went so well with the smokey flavour of the cheese. The veal was incredibly juicy and tender.

Humboldt squid with romesco sauce, beans and scallop bonito flakes. This squid was as tender as I have ever enjoyed squid.

Long cooked sous vide beef short ribs, that are then quickly grilled, with smoked salt and hay jus. Perhaps the best beef short ribs that I have ever enjoyed. Remarkably tender and flavourful. Beef boys rating of an incredible: 8.5/9.5/10 (taste/texture/juiciness).

 Sauteed kale with hazelnut vinaigrette.

A very airy cheesecake crumble with an intense strawberry sorbet. The sorbet was terrific but the "cheesecake" was the only miss (for was loved by my guest of the evening).

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