Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black Skirt Restaurant

Black Skirt does Sicilian/Calabrian influenced cuisine. I regret that the restaurant was so dark for the photos, but the flash pictures were worse.

Olive oil, tomato, basil and garlic are crushed together in an olive wood mortar and served with bread. A nice touch, that is a novel experience for Toronto.

Fresh burrata cheese with very good (for out of season) quartered tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil. This dish was favoured by all. 

Mushroom crostini with porcini, oyster, crimini and portabello mushrooms topped with fontina cheese. A bit bland.

White anchovies marinated in herb and lemon olive oil with fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil and grilled bread. The bread needed more of the taste of the fire. 

Part 1 of spaghetti domenica: the meat balls, Italian sausage and slow cooked pork shoulder in a traditional tomato sauce is to be added, as one wishes, to the pasta in the image below. Very good meatballs, good flavour and texture; tasty sausage but the pork merely added flavour, which is probably what is wanted in this dish.

Perfectly cooked pasta with the above tomato sauce and basil. 

Veal osso buco, veal shank braised in red wine and vegetable served with a layered potato and cheese side. The marrow was perfect but the meat a touch over cooked. Tasty sauce.  

This went down FAST: very rich chocolate and hazelnut cream between Italian bread, topped with a predominant chocolate and mascarpone sauce. 

Nicely crispy cannoli filled with ricotta and crushed pistachios. 

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