Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sultan of Samosas, Toronto

Sultan of Samosas started with a shop located on O'connor Drive. The new location that I went to is on Oak Street, just off Parliament St.

This is a true story: as a result of founder Reza's research assisted by the National Research Council of Canada, the Company received Canadian Patent 2,588,248 and international patents-pending for an apparatus and processes to manufacture improved samosa pastry commercially, of the Indo-Pakistan Gujarati cultural tradition. Since this breakthrough, Sultan of Samosas has added several varieties of ingredients for a total of over 10 types of samosas in 3 sizes.

Ten  samosas  fillings to choose from:
  • 10 vegetable splash seasoned with methi leaves
  • Beef with onions and coriander leaves
  • Steak and potato with garlic, dill and black pepper(A FAVE)
  • Paprika marinated chicken, onions and coriander leaves
  • Tandoori chicken Kabuli
  • Curried four-way vegetables with assorted baghara spices
  • Spinach with feta and mozzarella in oregano and basil dressing
  • Potato, cheddar cheese seasoned with paprika
  • Daal, turmeric and fresh coriander
  • Mutton with West-Indies flavours
  • Sweet samosa in coconut or apple pie flavors.
  • Although the samosas are available in 3 sizes, the middle snack size is what is typically served in the restaurant.

These samosas have a crispy, light wheat based pastry that crunch with a bight. Two different kinds of fritters are also shown in this photo. Three house made sauces are available, as shown above, left to right, are tamarind and date, spicy mango and coriander with vinegar and yogurt.

The  passionate staff are very happy here!

These crispy "fritters" are available in either spinach, potato, mushroom or eggplant. They are a bit like Indian "latkes"! 

When out of the fryer the samosas have this lovely golden colour. On this paper napkin, one can see that they are quite ungreasy.

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