Saturday, March 15, 2014

The True Story Behind The Beginnings of the Cookbook Store

The history of the cookbook store began with my desire to collect and read cookbooks, cook and eat well, a life long pursuit. My former wife Barbara Caffery was a passionate bibliophile. When the location became available on the corner of a family owned building that housed a dying book store, when the family was trying to decide what to do with the space, Barbara was inspired to open a cook book store there. That is where the store passion began. Of course Barbara and I were both very busy professionals so we put an ad in the paper. Barbara interviewed a number of people, but when she discovered Alison Fryer, it was passion meeting passion, at first sight. And thus the beginnings of the cookbook store. We all met and planned and discussed the store concept, design, store colours and I designed the logo. The store became a continuing work of passion for all of us!

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