Friday, October 24, 2014

Mamakas Taverna

The Ossington strip has gotten busier and from my recent experience at Mamakas, this new resto has added a new dimension to the strip, a resto that will become a regular for many people because the food is in the Greek tradition and very pleasing.

Very good grilled flatbread with fresh herbal flavours. We Had about 3 orders and ate this with everything.

Eggplant salad spread. Ok...but, could be better if it had a smokier character.

Very good taramasalata.

Good kopanisti.

We enjoyed the beets with a garlic potato spread, pine nuts and dandelions sauteed in olive oil.

Imam baildi, perfectly cooked eggplant with tomato confit, caramelized onion, fresh thyme and grilled toast. A very tasty eggplant dish. The toast, dry, might have been more complementary, brushed with olive oil and a bit of garlic.

Horta, dandelion greens sauteed in olive oil. This veggie, cooked in this style, is a fave of mine.

Roasted sweet red peppers.

Very good hand cut fries, cooked properly to still be somewhat crispy despite the cheese topping, nicely seasoned with fresh oregano, rosemary and accompanied by garlic aioli (below).

The garlic aioli for the fries. For me, I would prefer a somewhat stronger garlic flavour.

A special just for the evening, lamb baked in parchment.

The opened Parchment revealing lamb, cherry tomatoes and potatoes all nicely flavoured with oregano and a bit of lemon. An ok dish, but I did not think that it did justice to the lamb and the lamb texture was not as pleasing as i would have preferred. The only dish that did not make it for me.

The restaurant's version of cheesecake, made with fetta and topped with caramelized fig. Tasty.

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