Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Big Crow BBQ Special Event

Big Crow BBQ, big expectations for this special event. we began with some snacks during the meet and greet: all beef salami (verscht) grilled over the wood burning fire with an apricot mustard glaze (sooo good!!)(no photo) and BBQ Crow bacon that had been marinated in Dr pepper and other good things, cooked over the wood fire and paired with wood fire grilled pineapple on a skewer (another amazing, I can't stop eating app) (photo below).

 Broccoli salad.

Guacamole and salsas.

Bean salad.

 Another salad.The tension is building for the meat!

Carving the pig.

A whole pig, slow roasted over a wood fire. We were served the head....source of the cheek, and other good parts!

 The ribs and crackling.

 More pig meat.

Tomahawk steaks ready for the grill.

Tomahawk rib steaks on the wood burning grill.

The steak on the plate. 

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