Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dai-lo, Toronto

Chef Nick Liu has waited a long time to get his own resto open and it was worth the wait. The robust Asian flavours seductively linger on your palate and on your mind.

Roasted duck and scallion tacos with peking duck jam, pickled asian pear and cucumber. A big hit with seductive flavours.

Crispy octopus fresh roll with jicama wrap, red braised pork, sambal mayo and Asian garnish.

Delicious pumpkin dumplings topped with winter truffles and with a soy sauce beurre blanc, white rabbit glaze and almond crumble.

Sweet and sour pork hock with Po Po's original sauce, crispy shallot, garlic and almond crumble.

Fried watermelon in a crunchy fried corn starch shell, bean sprouts, basil leaves, pickled melon rind and pork floss (a form of dried pulled pork).

Singapore curry cauliflower with purple fingerlings, heirloom carrots, garlic scapes and almonds.

Terrific whole fried giggie trout with nahm jim, green curry aioli and a soy glaze.

Soju poached peaches with egg roll cookie, brown butter nut crumble and topped with star anise chantilly cream.

Kasu white sugar cake, a light steamed cake topped with toasted coconut and finely julienned lime leaf, with rice pudding and sake marinated sea buckthorn berries.

Asian banana split using caramelized Thai bananas, 6 spiced ice cream, roasted sesame ice cream and thinly shaved coconut.

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