Friday, October 23, 2015

The New Cafe Boulud, Toronto.

Cafe Boulud in the Four Seasons Hotel was completely redesigned, the menu re-conceptualized, the kitchen refitted with some new equipment and a new chef hired, Sylvain Assie. The theme is an unpretentious French bistro. A new Rotisol rotisserie, one of the finest machines for this purpose, imported from France, will be used for legs of lamb, quail, duck, pineapples and the esteemed Chantecler chickens raised in Quebec (Canada's finest).

Grilled kale and romaine salad with shaved carrots, cumin, black olives, golden raisins, with a spiced yogurt dressing.

Bouillon pho, a spiced beef broth with rice noodles, ginger and herbs.

Beet salad with quinoa, orange slices, watercress and goat cheese. 

House made saffron linguini with saffron, clams, arugula, fennel and lemon.

 Beignets de calamar, beer battered calamari with pickled hot pepper.

Rotisserie chantecler chicken with potatoes and watercress salad.

Fletan Grenobloise, pacific halibut with cauliflower, capers and parsley lemon butter.

Thin apple tart with tahitian vanilla ice cream and candied pecans.

Rotisserie golden pineapple with rum-caramel raisins and coconut sorbet.

My overall impression? Nothing sparkled but the meal was fine. The service was very good. It is a resto where one can have an enjoyable bistro style meal.

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