Saturday, April 23, 2016

Canoe, Toronto: An Exceptional Dinner For Le Confrerie de Les Chevaliers Du Tastevin

When challenged to create an exceptional eating experience that would match our group's wonderful cellar of Burgundy wines, Chef John Horne truly stepped up to the plate!! Under chef John Horne, Canoe is certainly one of the top 5 restaurants in Canada.

Oysters topped with sea buckthorn. Terrific combo!

Beef tartar with crispy bacon and pretzel toast, topped with chopped chives, parsley and grainy mustard.

Hot dogs, yes, terrific house made hot dogs topped with grainy mustard and house made ketchup.

Caviar, creme fraiche on blinis.

Crispy won tons filled with lightly fried snails topped with parsley.

Birch syrup glazed frogs legs.

Smoked inconnu, charred bannock, wild rose infused creme fraiche and immature juniper.

Holland Marsh onion soup with diced smoked beef tongue, thyme, Thunder Oak gouda cheese and topped with crispy croissant toast. A richly flavoured, great rendition of onion soup.

Tea smoked duck with chanterelles, matsutake, northern woods and trumpet mushrooms, risotto made with the wild mushroom stock, matsutake cream and truffle paste, caribou moss and duck stock. Another well created, complex and richly flavoured dish.

Well aged venison with charred onion petals, mulled mountain cranberries, roasted beets, grains with roasted root vegetables and mustard greens. 

Butter tart, brown sugar praline cream, smoked pecan nougatine and wild rye ice cream. This dessert was very special and is worth going out of your way, just for that!

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