Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dandylion, Toronto, A Return Visit.

This is not my first visit to Dandylion, nor my first review of Talented chef Jason Carter's limited but well selected menu. The menu consists of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 deserts. I consider Dandylion, despite it's deceivingly "simple" menus, one of the best eating experiences in the GTA and moreover, a meal of very good value (a factor that I rarely even mention in my reviews!).

The dinner begins with chopped fresh shallots on fromage blanc (below) that is served to all diners, accompanied by the wonderful crispy-crusted house made bread.

Slices of house smoked trout, also complements of the restaurant to all diners.

Perfectly rendered shrimp with grilled lettuce hearts and horse radish. Well composed elements of a terrific dish. 

Cauliflower, lentils and tomato jam. This main course dish sounded so good (and it was) that I enjoyed it as my starter course! An exceptional execution of simple elements.

I devoured this dish of perfectly seared cod accompanied by fresh chick peas and kale. The textures and flavours of each element of this dish complemented each other so well.

Very tender, slow roasted lamb with artichoke and fava beans. Very simple, truly harmonious ingredients that came together in such a pleasing manner.

Almond cake topped with peaches and chopped almonds. I had mine without the cream (trying to be a good boy)....but...see below.

The almond cake as above, topped with fresh was soooo seductive and I took a little taste of my guests plate..... very good! The perfect end for a truly enjoyable meal. 

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