Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yasu Sushi, Toronto

The sushi at this resto is, for a Canadian experience, is typically of exceptional quality. At it's best, I consider Yasu to be one of the 2 best sushi experiences in Canada.

Grating fresh fresh wasabe.


Assembly: scallops.

Quebec scallop sashimi.

Boston fluke.

Japanese stripe jack.

Cod sperm sack from hokkaido, Japan, in nori, topped with spicy daikon and scallion. Creamy and delicious!

Boston sea urchin. Perfect!


Nova Scotia snow crab.


Salmon roe with fresh yuzu on nori.

Marinated Norwegian mackerel in shaved daikon with ginger and scallion. This was the first unexceptional fish experience.....but still pretty good.

Red Snapper.

Boston monkfish liver with shiso and daikon.

Spanish bluefin toro, just ok quality today.

Spanish blue fin toro, a different cut, much better!

Hay smoked Spanish Mackerel from Florida, before presentation.

Hay smoked Spanish mackerel from Florida. A very tasty morsel.

Making sea eel and cucumber hand roll. The eel was just ok.

The roll.

Black sesame ice cream.

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