Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rasa, Toronto

Eating at Rasa, one is guaranteed a colourfully presented, well composed dish of very flavourful, well crafted ingredients.

Mini muffins made of semolina, savoury herbs, smoked provolone and caramelized good, devoured in a mouthful and ordered seconds!

The chopped salad: quinoa, jalapeno, feta, harissa, chickpeas, tomatoes, kale and onion. This could be one of the most satisfying salads in the city... a wonderful range of textures and flavours.

The veg plate, a wide array of flavourful veggies, perfectly cooked. A selection of fall veggies included beets, beans, carrots, turnips, cauliflower, smoked parsnips all on a bed of sunflower romesco and babaganouj. Another terrific dish.

Smoked European sea bass, dill creme fresh, orange caviar, beets and mustard crisps. Another hit!

Wagyu beef rib, bbq sauce, cheddar croquettes (it came with this but not mine, as per my preference), brown butter hollandaise (I also asked for this to not be included my dish) and beef tendon. As most people know who read my blog, I dislike butter or cheeses with beef in any way. I feel that butter and cheese fats are redundant fats when served with beef and that they detract from the appreciation of beef by competing in flavour with the beef fat. If served with off cuts of ordinary beef, it makes no appreciative difference except in how one appreciates the overall experience of a dish)

Truffled gnudi with local mushrooms, portobello "soil", pickled shimeji mushrooms and walnut pesto.

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