Monday, October 17, 2016

At Nota Bene: A Vegetarian Preview of Planta, The new Chase Group Resto.

Chef David Lee, Nota Bene's very talented chef, is the consulting chef at Planta. I asked me to give me a preview of some of the ideas he has been working on for Planta, the new Chase Hospitality Group resto in the location of the old Pangaea resto on Bay Street, at Bloor.

The meal began with Vickie's veggies heirloom tomatoe salad with the cherry tomatoes mounted on roasted eggplant puree with basil, capers and pickles.

Salt-baked celeriac topped with lemon juice, chopped chives and a generous topping of sliced Australian black truffles. A heady dish.

A plant based burger, truly delicious, with grilled portobello mushrooms, sliced heirloom tomato and accompanied by dill pickles and oven roasted frites.

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