Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lake Inez , Toronto.

Talented chef Robbie hojilla creates extremely well executed dishes of Asian Cuisine. For example, what is supposed to be crispy in texture is perfectly crispy, true pleasure in the mouth. Flavours were inspired and exciting and no heat elements overwhelmed the flavours.

Cauliflower katsu: breaded and fried cauliflower (beautifully crispy) with shredded cabbage in tonkatsu vinaigrette with Japanese curry mayo.

Sunchoke skewers grilled over Japanese bincho charcoal with teriyaki glaze, bacon and sunflower seed dressing.

Asparagus and egg: grilled asparagus, fried bread (beautifully crispy and ungreasy), almond nalm prik sauce and fried egg.

Salmon sinigang: BC salmon grilled over Japanese bincho charcoal, seared with a vegetable fricasee, corn polenta and sinigang (tamarind miso) sauce.

Filipino Bbq pork skewer: soy and 7-up glazed pork shoulder, slow cooked and grilled over Japanese bincho charcoal with a spiced vinegar sauce.

Presentation of Market Fish Curry.

Market fish curry: fish grilled over Japanese bincho charcoal, in a Thai style curry, with squash, savoy cabbage, cilantro and peanuts.

A very good spring salad with veg tossed in an umeboshi vinaigrette with whipped ricotta and wasabi peas.

House made tagliatelli with miso butter emulsion, smoked eggplant, maitake mushrooms, sorrel, hazelnuts and parmesan cheese. This was the only dish that was not on our hit list this evening as the flavours were a bit banal and the eggplant did not have enough of the smokey flavour needed to make a difference.

Spicy charred broccoli flavoured with chili jam, oyster sauce, lime and crispy anchovy.

Beef short ribs, cooked for 48 hours then grilled over Jpanese bincho charcoal with Korean kalbi sauce, pickled radish and sided with ssamjang (chili, garlic, onion sauce) mayo.

Chocolate champorado: Filipino rice pudding with mango sorbet, crunchy chocolate bits, toasted coconut and tajin (seasoning mix consisting of dried and ground red chilies, sea salt, dehydrated lime juice). I was not prepared to like this dish but it really evolves and grows on one.

Ube cheesecake: Filipino purple yam cheesecake, pecan crumble, rhubarb compote and maple chantilly. Loved this.

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