Saturday, July 22, 2017

More Vancouver Restaurants: 2017: Raisu, Masayoshi, Ancora, Savio Volpe


Raisu is a good izakaya. The fish is fresh tasting. The fried foods are crispy and not oily and the quality of the fish, meat and fowl is quite good.

Spot prawn sashimi.

Grilled marinated duck with sweet miso sauce.

Kaki fried: beach oysters wrapped in panko and fried.

Panko breaded snow crab in scallops.

Chicken tempura.

Wagyu beef shabu shabu udon with arugula and broth.

Tonkatsu Teishoku: barley fed "Omugi" premium pork, crusted with house made fresh coarse panko and deep fried, accompanied by shredded cabbage and house made dressing.

Grilled salmon.

Souffle cheesecake with fresh fruit sauce.


Steelhead trout anticucho, cilantro pumkin sauce, pico de gallo, skin chicharon.

Fried shrimp not particularly tasty and a bit overcooked.

Salmon and sea urchin sushi.

Toro sashimi.

Aji panca glazed sablefish with charred eggplant puree, marinated broccoli and salsa of roasted pineapple and tomatillo.

Nova Scotia lobster risotto with cauliflower, hazelnuts, preserved lemon and thyme.

Seared scallops and pork belly with sun chokes, caramelized carrot puree, cabbage, spaetzel and caper almond vinaigrette.

Wild and cultivated mushrooms.

Charred broccoli romesco.


For me, Masayoshi was one of the top Japanese culinary experiences in Vancouver. However, I must say that in my experiences, the best of Vancouver can't compare to the best of Toronto ( Hashimoto; Shoushin; Yazu)

Uni shooter (clockwise from the top), nanban-zuke (fish that has been fried and marinated in vinegar) with julienne carrot and onion (both having been marinated in the same vinegar)and canola flower with cod roe.

The highlight of the presentation, an uni shooter, featuring sea urchin and a quail egg suspended in tosazu vinegar (a rice vinegar typically aged in Japanese cedar casks and flavoured with kombu seaweed, bonito fish flakes and mirin).

Firefly squid "cappucino", in a lovely rich broth of burdock root and oyster mushrooms, topped with a milk foam.

Sashimi (clockwise from the top): o-toro; wild sea bass; geoduck clam. To me it was noteworthy that fresh wasabi was not used, especially when it is easily available!

Chawan mushi, a steamed egg custard dish, here, topped with anago (sea eel) which had been topped with tobiko (flying fish roe). The custard was flavoured and filled with diced asari (littleneck) clam, soy bean and chicken. 

The presentation of "smoked" salmon salad. 

House smoked salmon mounted on julienne of green apple, Belgian endive and a slice of papaya and plated with lotus root, arugula, cashew and sauces of egg yolk and kale. The presentation was terrific and the flavours and textures most interesting and appealing. One of my favourite dishes. 

Black cod "kasu-yuki". Perfectly cooked black cod, remarkably juicy and of perfect texture, wrapped around a slice of king mushroom, sided with a baby turnip and topped with a slice of Japanese ginger flower and salmon roe.

The ingredients of "paper pot", enoki mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, shiitake mushroom, carrot, suey choy cabbage (miniature Napa cabbage), seared leek, yam noodles and kinmedai (golden eye snapper). 

Soy milk in a paper cup, heated of a wire mesh and small flame. The ingredients above and placed in the soy milk and heated for 2 minutes and then eaten. 

The ingredients being heated before being eaten. 

Nigri (from left to right):  Yellowtail; bluefin tuna maguro; tako (octopus); shrimp; horse mackerel (aji); sea eel (anago); tomago.

Sakura mochi crepe: the rice flour crepe is wrapped around adzuki bean and strawberry paste and topped with cherry "flour" and cherry blossom. the mochi crepe is wrapped with poached cherry blossom leaf.

Savio Volpe

Savio Volpe is a terrific bistro experience, the kind of resto with good comfort food that one could visit 1 or 2 times a week.

Kale, lemon pepper dressing, romano, and pangrattato.

Sliced tongue with sauce remoulade.

Bread and olive oil.

House made bread.

Meatballs with neck bone gravy.

Papardelli with lamb ragu topped with pecorino cheese.

Tripe in a tomato sauce topped with parmesan cheese.

The wood fired grill.

Steaks that were cooked over the wood fire.

Chicken that had been cooked over the wood fire, with rosemary and grilled lemon.

Roasted potatoes with rosemary.

Dry aged steak, topped with grana padano cheese, with watercress and aged balsamic vinegar. 

Dark chocolate tart with olive oil.

Apricot filled pastry topped with grated orange and powdered sugar.

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