Sunday, October 22, 2017

Brunch at Buca Yorkville

Brunch at Buca Yorkville is one of the most enjoyable "brunches" in the country for any food LOVER! the new chef de cuisine Kris Lee has admirably taken over the day to day reins from chef Rob Gentile, who overseas King Street Foods restos.

Fresh branzino, brought to the table to be skinned, filleted and thinly sliced.

The branzino: Cyprian sea bass finished with olive oil, lemon and a touch of prosecco.

Fungi pizza with a "well done crust", but mine had a special touch of freshy shaved alba truffles added at the last minute to the seasonal mushroom pizza topped with marjoram and a very small amount of gorgonzola cheese.

Strapazzate: pulled mix variety farm eggs with stracciatella cheese, black Umbrian truffles and ciabatta.

A personal special request: Buca's exceptionally fresh and succulent clams with a white wine, clam juice, olive oil sauce. 

A dish prepared specially for me by chef Lee: spaghettini with a sea urchin pepper sauce topped with sea urchin. The most enjoyable pasta/sea urchin dish that I have enjoyed anywhere, PERIOD! 

Bucatini alla carbonara: freshly extruded pasta with guanciale, pecorino romano, hen's egg yolk and black pepper.

A smashing meal!!

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