Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another Edulis Sunday Lunch

A leisurely long afternoon Sunday lunch (NOT BRUNCH!!) at Edulis is one of my favourite things to look forward to in sharing a wonderful afternoon of very good food, wine and conversation.

Jamon Joselito, the very best aged (4 years) ham from free ranging pigs that feed on grass and acorns.

Hapuka grouper "sashimi" with Japanese cucumber and fresh jalapeno peppers.

Various heirloom tomatoes, golden nuggets and pictachios. 

Baby romaines dressed with a warm anchovy vinaigrette.

Stewed summer squash and its blossoms. 

Mature lobster, poached in an oil made from the heads of the lobster, seasoned with its own roe and a little tomato, resting in a cider vinegar mayonnaise. Remarkably tasty and perfectly cooked.

Baby leeks, marcona almonds and ajo blanco (a soup of crushed almonds, bread, garlic, water and olive oil).

Hinona turnips grilled over charcoal.

 Smoked short fin eel with corn-miso sauce.

Torpedo onion gratinee. 

 Lake trout with new potato and lettuce.

Spanish style rice with goat sausage, alioli and summer beans.

Chiffon cake with fresh peaches and pecans.

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