Thursday, March 22, 2018

Assembly Chef's Hall, Toronto

At the Assembly Food Hall we grazed items from the menus of several restos.

Love Chix

Fried brussel sprouts with lemon and grana padano. Terrific, especially if you love brussel sprouts!

Love Chix fried chicken sandwich (shared).

Cherry Street BBQ

Fabulous, nicely smokey, very juicy pulled pork from Cherry Street BBQ. One of the best pulled pork samples I have tasted  in some time (And I am a Kansas City BBQ Society Judge, and I have judged at the Jack).

Texas style smoked ribs, brisket and turkey. Turkey was tasty and moist. Ribs were a bit overdone and dry. Brisket was juicy with good texture but could have used a bit more smoke. The BBQ beans, not shown, were very good, among the best  BBQ beansof the city's many BBQ restos.

Isshin Ramen

My favourite place to eat at Assembly Food Hall, Ramen Isshen. Above, the roasted garlic shoyu (fermented soy bean ) ramen dish: Isshin roast garlic oil, bamboo shoots, nori, green onions & thin wavy noodles.


The very popular cheeseburger. 


Fried confit Peking duck wings with hoisin-soy sauce glaze, had a crunchy well flavoured batter and were very good.

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