Thursday, March 15, 2018

Chicago Restaurants: Roister, Avec.


Avec has a wood burning oven which it uses to flavour advantage for most of the dishes prepared..

Chorizo stuffed medjool dates with bacon and pequillo pepper-tomato sauce, accompanied by very good tasty toast.

Potato and salt cod brandade with garlic bread and chives, was just disappointing. The toast was very tasty and good (but that was not what this dish was all about). Overall, the texture of the brandade was not thick/dense enough, not enough garlic and the taste of the cod quite muted. Overall the taste was banal.

Smoked whitefish pizza with garlic cream, marinated kale and charred lemon.

Whole roasted fish with marinated artichokes, radish, lavender vinaigrette and chickpea grapes.

Wood oven paella  with confit chicken thigh, snail boudin, shrimp and tangerine aioli. A very tasty paella but its only failing, NO soccarat!

Charred cabbage with grapes, spiced walnuts, quinoa, tabbouleh and lovage tahini.

Roister is part of the Alinea Group, a company owned by world known chef Grant achatz of Alinea fame. Roister was awarded Food and Wine's Restaurant of the Year in 2017. It has also been awarded one Michelin star.

  The wood fired oven and grill.

Salad of mixed greens.

Smoked oysters with chipotle butter, epizote vinegar and french curry.

Tomatoes and toasted bread with mayo, shallots and pecan oil.

Yukon gold fries with tofu mayo, soy dusted and topped with shaved bonito flakes. Quite a delicious rendition of fries.

Buttered pipe pasta and clams with green chili ragu and assorted limes.

A-5 wagyu with sea urchin butter and togarashi spices.

From the wood burning oven: Rohan duck with Carolina rice, citrus and egg yolk.

Cookies and milk: chocolate chip cookie dough with milk ice cream.

Fois gras candy bar with black walnuts, prezel and caramel.

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