Friday, August 28, 2009

Alison dines at the Senator restaurant

Posted by Alison

Being invited to see the movie Julie & Julia for the third time (and loved it for a third time!) meant a meal was required before hand - so I wouldn't be hungry during the movie! Good excuse to try the Senator restaurant just around the corner from the theatre.

With Bob Bermann now in charge of the kitchen, (there's no ownership involved for Bermann, Bob Sniderman is still the owner), this has potential. Bermann with his wife Barbara Gordon were former chefs/owners of the sadly departed Boba restaurant.
Now I confess I have not eaten at the Senator in ages, and the food was always complacent I thought, but what Bermann brings to the kitchen is a raising of standards in everything from quality of ingredients (Cumbrae's meats) to the level of cooking in the kitchen. Yes, he is actually there in chefs whites doing the cooking, leading the way, talking to customers.

The Senator has always been about diner/comfort food and it still is. I had the Sante Fe Green Chile Cheeseburger that was perfectly cooked, pink in the middle. French fries need help, and why not a choice of sweet potato fries? My dinner date had the Herbed Chicken Supreme Roast Sweet Peppers and Mashed Potato, while the chicken was a little overcooked the wonderful soft potato mash more than made up for this oversight, really potatoes and butter can solve a lot of life's problems! We shared an Apple Crumble Pie dessert that would have greatly benefited from a dollop of cream or ice cream. May I suggest Bob's semi retired wife Barbara, who made the fabulous desserts at Boba, be enticed to create a dessert menu.

Meanwhile Bermann has plans to do more with the menus especially at breakfast. Take-out being a major part of their business - the cutely named "Breakfast in Bread" combinations will be a great start to the day, and although I am not a coffee drinker I couldn't help but admire the huge gleaming coffee machine right up front - all ready for those bleary eyed, newly relocated City TV employees right next door in their spanking new studios!

Adding new items, keeping old favourites without annoying the regulars will be a challenge for Bermann, but I am eager to try the results. The Senator is definitely on my re-visit list to see what Chef does with the menu.

Senator Restaurant
249 Victoria St (Yonge and Dundas Square)

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