Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Market, To Market

The MyMarket locations began last week.  I visited two-- Sick Kids and Borden Street.  Each was a few vendors short of a full market.  As berries and other fruits ripen, we hope that Andrews Scenic Acres, O.K. Farms, and Bizjak Farm will reappear.  Haystrom which has good tomatoes and potatoes may be a little later in joining the lineup.

Once again, she who hesitated lost.  I spotted baby beets at Collins booth but they were gone when I went back to buy them.  Fortunately, I was luckier next day at Borden.  Well, luckier in some ways:  I got my beets but also got sopping wet in the downpour that greeted the first day of this market.

Only Bosco/Sweetiebelle had plants on offer.  Their pots of eggplant looked particularly healthy.

Ruth Klahsen and the Monforte Dairy(www.monfortdairy.com) are back!  Alas, there is no creme fraiche yet but a good selection of cheese and yogurt.  It is still possible to join in the CSA project --cheese for you, a new dairy for them.

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