Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Market, To Market, on August 18

I strolled over to Huntley Street to check out the Rogers farmers market again.  Instead of mounds of fresh vegetables and breads, I found heavy machinery and policemen directing traffic.  Upon closer inspection I found the sign directing me to Rogers head office --the giant wedding cake of a building where Jarvis meets Mount Pleasant.  A good-natured security guard oversees the signing of the register then waves his security card to let the masses enter.

This time there were a few more vendors this time though some are already packing up despite the fact there is almost an hour of shopping left.  With memories of Ottolenghi's charred cauliflower salad in my head I choose a picked-that-morning cauliflower. This grower, from Cookstown, also has globe artichokes, only the second time I have seen any that are locally grown--Collins at Sick Kids and Borden Street also have them.

I cannot pass up a chance to buy St. John's bread, conveniently located next to the exit.  It's walnut raisin this time.

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