Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dinner Chez Corey Mintz

Being invited to dine with Corey at his home was something I truly looked forward to do. Corey is an interesting intellect, a keen observer and perceptively thoughtful and all this wrapped up in an idiosyncratic personality. The question was, despite his sous chef background......could he cook??!!

I was joined by Alison Fryer, the manager of The Cookbook Store and someone whom over the years has become a good friend and a person with whom I share my food passions. Corey invited 2 of his food loving good friends, one a constitutional lawyer and the other a professor of literature, to join us. The conversation flowed nicely while Corey entertained us and cooked in his open kitchen.

Before I relate the courses of the dinner I must state that I was threatened by Corey if I published my preferred imagery, with a legal entanglement with my good friend Clay Ruby. So no images.

We began with a delightful soup of complex and complementary flavours made with LOTS of very flavourful heirloom tomatoes, sauteed onions, fermented Korean style chili paste, smoked bacon, roasted acorn squash, white wine and the liquid essence of mussels.

Next, sauteed sweetbreads sided with 2 sauces, chickpea and avocado and also a rich tomato sauce (more heirloom tomatoes). A nice dish but it did not blow me away.

Then, a very good dish of home-made tagliatelli with "speckled peach" heirloom tomatoes and anchovy butter.

Finally, "gold medal" heirloom tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, chili and basil infused roasted pork shoulder. This was a seductively ingratiating dish that I really liked with the first taste. Lucky that there was enough for 3rd's!

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