Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mideastro Restaurant, Toronto

Snacks, from the bottom, clockwise, hummus with garlic and sweet harissa; tomatoes, onion and bell pepper; eggplant and tomato.

Shrimp felafel: fried ground chickpea coated shrimps topped with tzatziki and feta, pickled veg tartar, hummus masabaha, aji panka and herb tahina. A terrific shrimp dish. The shrimp was properly cooked and the shell perfectly crispy for me to eat ( it is a treat to eat  the cispy shell with properly cooked shrimp in the best tempura restos in Japan ).

Fatoush salad: crispy haloumi cheese, baby romaine hearts, capers, heirloom tomatoes, pita croutons, sumac, preserved lemon and saffron tahina.

Baladi: grilled eggplant, cherry tomato bruschetta, herb tahina, Bulgarian fetta, roasted candied garlic, basil and zatar. A very good dish.

Pastilla phylo pastry filled with confit of duck, tanzia, coconut cream mash, pistachios, honey, dates with a pomegranate reduction and sesame paste.

Morrocan short ribs with ginger, mint, orange juice, mustard, Spanish chilis and honey.

Paella with merguez sausage, scallops, shrimps, mussels, clams, calamari, chili, garlic, saffron, red peppers and roasted fennel. A very good combination of flavours. The shellfish were perfectly cooked.

Fig Kataiv: crispy kataiv pastry layered with spiced mascarpone, fresh figs and pistachios, with fig infused cardamom 

Halva tiramisu: Mascarpone cream with halva, chocolate garnish finished with halva candy "hairs" and lady fingers.

From 12 o'clock, counterclockwise: dark chocolate with gianduja chocolate centre, milk chocolate with white chocolate centre and white chocolate with white chocolate  with a banana and chestnut centre, raspberry and mint coulis with strawberry, gooseberry and cherry garnish and crumbled pistachio topped vanilla ice-cream.

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