Friday, June 30, 2017

Estia, Toronto

House made wood oven toasted za'atar spiced pita, house made sumac crackers (which are addictively delicious) accompanying eggplant which had been cooked over coals, topped with pomegranate. The eggplant had very good complex flavours.

A selection of house made wood oven baked breads accompanied by warm olives, crumbled feta, smoked eggplant and za'atar flavoured olive oil. The best tasting are the pitas.

Fried calamari with crisp fried parsley and wild oregano aioli. The batter was a bit heavy, although tasty.

Lamb meat balls (keftedes) baked in the wood burning oven with spiced tomato sauce. These were a bit bland, missing an element that could have made the flavour more exciting, however, the texture was good.

Fogo Island salt cod stew, a delicious concoction of salt cod, tomato, pancetta, parsley and gigantes beans. 

Wood oven roasted peppers with raisins, capers and sherry peppers. Nicely done! 

Wood oven roasted Greek bronzino. Taste was good but the texture was a bit off.

Broccolini grilled over a wood fire with romesco and almonds, well liked by all. 

Very good french fries seasoned with wild oregano and accompanied by feta aioli.

Wood oven roasted potatoes with lemon and salsa verde.

Sauteed rapini (no photo) with garlic and pangritata (fried breadcrumbs), another hit.

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