Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lou Dawgs BBQ, Toronto

This branch, on Gerrard Street, is an offshoot of the original King Street location.

The brisket sandwich with house made baked beans. Unfortunately the taste of the brisket was overwhelmed by the sauce. I should have requested the brisket without sauce and added my own. The brisket had a pleasant smoky flavour but, because of all of the sauce, it was hard to tell and may have been a touch on the dry side. The bun was slightly crispy from toasting and was perfect for the sandwich. The mildly smokey beans were laden with chunks of the bbq brisket meat. The accompanying sauce had been nicely reduced into a thick consistently. I could return just for the beans!

The pulled pork sandwich was good. There was a good porky flavour to the meat with a soft smoky taste. The sauce did not overwhelm the meat.

The ribs were the only disappointment. They were too dry and fell off the bone in an unpleasant way. I did not enjoy the rub and if the meat had been better I would have added the sauce.

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