Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Revisting Momofuku-Daisho , Toronto

At Daisho, dishes are served family style. The occasion of this meal was a tasting of some of winemaker Norman Hardie's large format wines.

Oysters with pickled watermelon, black pepper and basil leaf. Exquisite flavours.

On the left, kimchi, made particularly well as the cabbage had a very good slightly crunchy texture, and the rich tasting sauce did not have too much palate killing fire. On the right, pickled vegetables (onion, fennel, mushroom cauliflower florettes, baby carrots).

Burger on a steamed Chinese style "bun" with onion, cheddar and "special sauce" (mayo based with mustard and pickles). These went very quickly!

Green papaya slaw which should have been added to the wrap or sandwich below, but the servers did not advise us of this combo, initially, so we enjoyed it as a separate dish, topped with a jalapeno garlic sauce, which we added.

Beef brisket (McKee farms, Ontario), slow cooked with the taste and consistency of very tender, juicy corned beef/crossed with very low temp, slow cooked smoked brisket. It had a deliciously, sweet charred crust.

Lettuce leaves topped with crab flavoured mayo on which we placed the sliced brisket and ate as a wrap. A delightful combo of flavours! we were also to have tried Chinese style steamed buns with the brisket, however, they arrived to late to try as a sandwich, but, would have been good too.

"Crispy ramen noodle" with shrimp and chicken sausage, guilan (Chinese broccoli), onions, scallions and hoisin sauce. A terrific combination of textures and flavours.

Perfectly fried (keeping the mushroom texture) maitake mushrooms with lemon vinegar with Monforte Toscano cheese and watercress. 

Corn with nori, scallions and lemon.

The deliciously addictive, Momofuku Milk Bar made, "crack pie" topped with creme fraiche. 

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